Real Turkish Food

If you are in London and don't eat here, you don't know what real Turkish Food is. It is so good we have eaten here two nights in a row, sure beats the Culpepper joint across the street, which turned us away because we did not have a "reservation." The atmosphere at AGAH was as awesome as the food and their representatives were equally respectful and awesome.

Quality turkish cuisine

We paused at the restaurant by chance, it was early afternoon, we didn't have any food yet and rain was approaching. We experienced only some light dishes, but the quality proved to be excellent. The kitchen is at sight, we could check how the dishes were prepared and, again, the impression was quite good.

Best Turkish restaurant

Best Turkish restaurant I've been to in London. And this is comparing to a few good places in North London. Food was good, entertainment was great. Nice internal design to the restaurant.

Definitely a must try

Beautiful food...beautiful decor and reasonably priced. So far I've tried the Lamb Beyti which is full of flavour and cooked to perfection. The Lamb and chicken shish are both really tender and tasty (even my extremely fussy 7 year old is a fan) The lamechun is lovely and and not at all oily which I have experienced in other Turkish restaurants.

A well deserved 5*

The best Turkish Restaurant I have been to, and I have been to many in London and in Turkey. The Lamb Guvac was excellent, so was the Fatoush Salad, the best salad anywhere. The Chicken Shish was moist and tender. The service was very good, the owner very welcoming and made sure we were looked after. A must place to visit for Anatolian cuisine. We will definitely be back.